Google Android 4.0 Smart TV Cloud Stick USB WiFi Dongle

Smart TV Google Android 4.0 TV Cloud Stick USB

A device is so small that it fits in your pocket and you can conveniently take it anywhere you go. That’s important because you can carry your Smart TV Dongle with you anywhere, even when you travel abroad. And when you get to your destination, hotel room or office you can easily plug it into any monitor or TV and you will get access to all your information, games, TV streaming channels, work documents and your entire digital life. You’ll have all the benefits that you get from carrying your smartphone but with the ability to display it on a much bigger screen. Imagine walking into a meeting and doing a presentation without a laptop. All you need to do is plug the Smart TV Dongle into the projector and your presentation can be played from the cloud (like a Dropbox account) or locally from the SD Card. Just connect the Android 4.0 Mini PC to any HDMI display and a variety of USB input devices such as keyboard, mouse (both wired and wireless) or even a game-pad and you got yourself a computer that can be used for browsing the web, YouTube, Facebook  Twitter or just about anything you can do on an Android tablet

Smart TV Android 4.0 TV Cloud Stick USB Dongle

Smart TV Android 4.0 TV Cloud Stick USB Dongle

What Can a Smart TV Do? The main functions of the Android 4.0 Smart TV Cloud USB are the same as those of a Smart TV box or the Google TV. You have full access to surf the internet on an Android browser, you have access to websites such as entertainment, education, news, shopping store etc. Watch YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or any other video site or video-on-demand services. We all know we love to Facebook and Twitter. Imagine being able to do all your social networking sites from the comfort of your TV. Plus, with a USB camera you’re able to Skype and chat with your friends all over the world. Access the Android app-store to download, install and run the huge number of Android applications available. Stream HD video, music and images from local memory or from any computer or mobile device at home.

How To Use The Smart TV USB Stick? Plug it into the HDMI port of a HDTV or LCD monitor and power it up with the Micro-USB cable from the HDTV USB port or power adapter. If your monitor or TV does not have an HDMI port you can always buy an HDMI-to-DVI adapter. There you have it with one simple USB connection you’re able to have the same features as a Smart TV or Google TV.

Aside from a USB mouse there are other remote controls that can be used with Android USB Stick. A standard mouse (wired or wireless), like the one used on any PC, can work with the device. If wireless, it is 2.4GHz and has a small USB dongle that needs to be connected to the Smart TV USB Stick. Even some people think that a mouse is not suitable when you are watching TV in the living room. But if you’re a big gamer this could be a great experience. Imagine being able to play video games with the comfort of your big screen TV.

Smart TV Google Android 4.0 TV Cloud USB Stick – Specs

  • 1.2Ghz
    Gigahertz is a measurement of how many operations a computer prcessor can perfrom each second. The current standard definition is the one GHz equals the compatibility what is perform each second.
  • HD Video Decoder
    In order to display digital video it is compressed for storage. Compressed video streams are read from a hard drive or CD-ROM, then are decompressed before being displayed. The software or hardware that performs the decompression  - Decoder. The advantage of such hardware is that it is optimized specifically for the quick decompression and display of video data, so can provide higher frame rates and larger images than a computer using a purely software-based codec routine.
  • HD Video Encoer
    In video editing and production video encoding is the process of preparing the video for output, where the digital video is encoded to meet proper formats and specifications for recording and playback through the use of video encoder.
  • Five Layers Display and Graphic Process Unit
    GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a single-chip processor. However, the GPU is used primarily for computing 3D functions. This includes things such as lighting effects, object transformations, and 3D motion. Because these types of calculations are rather taxing on the CPU, the GPU can help the computer run more effienciently.
  • PMU (Power Manage Unit)
  • Smart TV WiFi HDMI 1.4
    The HDMI 1.4 - High Definition Multimedia Interface is an audio/video connector used for transmitting digital signals. HDMI connects digital sources such as Blu-ray disc players, computers, video game consoles or AV receivers, to compatible equipment such as a digital television. It basically gives you the features of having an HD experience.

    Smart TV HDMI Cable is not included with this package

    Smart TV HDMI Cable is not included with this package

  • Standard HDMI Interface
  • 3D GPU inside - GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a single-chip processor. However, the GPU is used primarily for computing 3D functions.
  • 68mm – Length
  • 29mm – Width
  • 12mm (Max) – Height
  • 30g – Weight
  • Adobe Flash Player V11.1 or later
    Able to play Adobe Flash on websites that needs it.

    Smart TV Adobe-Flash-Player-logo

    Smart TV Adobe-Flash-Player-logo

  • HTML5 support
    HTML5 is currently under development as the next major revision of the HTML standard. With this Google USB Dongle you’re already advance and have the support of HTML5 for future websites that are written in HTML5.

    Smart TV HTML5 Web Compatible

    HTML5 Web Compatible

  • RE Manager
    Root Explorer File Manger is the ultimate file manager for root users. You can access the whole of android’s file system. A File Manager function allows you to take full control of your website files.
  • Youtube & Youku
    Your Smart TV USB Stick is compatible with YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or any other video site or video-on-demand services.
  • Power input 5V 1A
  • OS Android 4.0
  • Wireless
  • Support Multi Languages
    Compatible with many languages.
  • Music Player
    Plays music in any Music Player Software or Web App.
  • Movie Player
    Can play movies in many Movie Player Software Apps.
  • Picture Gallery
    Comes with built in picture gallery similar to windows PC.
  • Android Games and Apps
    With this little tiny Smart TV USB WiFi Dongle you’r also able to access Android games and download their many Apps on Google Play.

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