Band Radio with Built-In USB/SD Ports, Front Aux in Detachable METRIK MCF-300 AM/FM…


About this product: 


  • AM/FM 2-Band Radio- Built In USB-SD Ports- Multi color LCD Display
  • Detachable Front Panel- AUX-IN on Front- 10 Songs Skip Down/UP- Tuning Control
  • Volume Control- Tone Control- Loudness Control- LO/DX Function
  • Mute Function- Clock Function


New generation of car stereo head units. This head unit does not play any CD’s and only play music using your USB memory or SD memory card. You do not need to be worried about carring your CD’s and keep worring about scratches. Just plug in your USB or SD memory card to the device and enjoy your music.This unit also has auxiliary input for your ipod or other devices that tranfer sounds with auxiliary output. NEW GENERATION OF CAR STEREO IS HERE

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Weight 1.95 lbs
Dimensions 11.25 x 8.6 x 3.22 in